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A Moment of Darkness


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Prêt-Á-Porter 2011 Backstage


So last Thursday, I got all facified and headed to the Mission. I wasn’t really expecting this to be anything but an average fashion show; you know, fast music, a few hors d’oeuvres, and some models thrown down a runway, the usual… But, in reality, it was much more than that. The models were great, the designers even greater. Not to mention there were some fun people in attendance which always makes for a better show. SFFAMA definitely out-did themselves on this one. Pret-A-Porter is sort of like a precursor to SF Fashion Week; a preview if you will. In short, if Fashion Week is anything like this, count me in!

I hung out backstage for a while before the show and captured some of the excitement for all of you unlucky souls who weren’t there to grovel at the sexiness of it all. And I covered the runway so that’ll be in another post. Pictures are after the break…

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Explode La Mode!

elm pic

Ok everyone, Explode La Mode is in… 2 DAYS!! You should be excited. Andrea Igreja produces the show and recently, we sat down and had a chat about what’s going on with her, and the show.

So on Saturday, April 30th, after three shows in Portland, ELM will premiere in San Francisco with nine local Designers.

Here’s how the night is going to go:
Pre-party 9-10:30
Fashion Show 10:45-11:30
After Party!! 11:30-2

Also, ELM sponsors one charity per show and this year, the charity is A Home Within. A Home Within is a great organization which promotes the emotional health of foster youth, and those who care for them, by creating and supporting lasting, caring relationships. So a $10 donation at the door isn’t a lot and goes to a great cause!

Like I said, Andrea is producing the show and she definitely knows what she’s doing. She moved here from Brazil a short time ago. She’s worked Sao Paulo Fashion Week and was show producer for Berlin Fashion Week and has been a freelance stylist in Brazil for three years. So I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what she’s put together for ELM.

Ok, so I bet now you’re asking, where is it!? Good Question! Som Bar is the venue and it’s located at 2925 16th Street, close to BART as you can see:

elm location

Oh, and the list of designers that are showing on Saturday night:
Eloisa Serrano and Myrda Monasterial
Frida Larios
Liddy Parlato
Sarah Liller
Francisco Castro
Kelly Pantecost
Mary Yanez-Kennison

Fiat Lux

On Thursday I visited Alexei Angelides at his boutique, Fiat Lux. Fiat Lux is, well, it’s very different. In the good way. The boutiques main goal is to promote the certain type of indie scene and DIY aesthetic San Francisco is known to have while promoting the cities best designers. Take a look at the details of this fantastic boutique after the break.

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BobbePIN Spring 2011 Lookbook

I’ve recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with Oakland-based online store, BobbePIN. I did a lookbook and some shots for the BobbePIN site. We shot at an awesome neighborhood in Oakland, really industrial, it was pretty cool. It was mid-afternoon so the light was really harsh but I did my best to control it and I think the shots turned out pretty well. Check them out after the break.

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About me and Mayhem

Okay, I’ve never blogged or written professionally before so when people started suggesting I do it, I just blew the whole idea of it off. I’ve had people say that I would be great at it and that there really isn’t a reason for me not to have a blog. So, when the idea of blogging was brought to my attention again last week, I started considering it and came to the conclusion that it would be a good tool to have at my disposal.

I don’t want to make this first post too long because it’s about 11pm and I still have an essay to write and at least a few hours of sleep to get before I head to class at 7:30 so I’ll just give a brief intro to me and what I want this blog to be (excuse the rhyme). So my name is Mark, I’m 18, and I moved to San Francisco from Boston about 4 months ago. I’ve always been sort of fascinated with fashion not only as an art form and a personal statement of expression, but as a business. The industry of fashion is unique, full of talent, and exactly the industry I am sure I will fit perfectly into. I’m a photographer and I shoot mostly fine art stuff but I do, eventually, want to shoot mostly fashion. Eventually meaning years and years down the road of course.

So this blog, Mayhem, will follow my journey through the industry as well as the fashion culture in San Francisco. I’ll cover events, fashion shows, boutique openings, and whatever other fun things I find. So this should be interesting; enjoy. Smile