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Prêt-Á-Porter 2011 Backstage


So last Thursday, I got all facified and headed to the Mission. I wasn’t really expecting this to be anything but an average fashion show; you know, fast music, a few hors d’oeuvres, and some models thrown down a runway, the usual… But, in reality, it was much more than that. The models were great, the designers even greater. Not to mention there were some fun people in attendance which always makes for a better show. SFFAMA definitely out-did themselves on this one. Pret-A-Porter is sort of like a precursor to SF Fashion Week; a preview if you will. In short, if Fashion Week is anything like this, count me in!

I hung out backstage for a while before the show and captured some of the excitement for all of you unlucky souls who weren’t there to grovel at the sexiness of it all. And I covered the runway so that’ll be in another post. Pictures are after the break…

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