Fiat Lux

On Thursday I visited Alexei Angelides at his boutique, Fiat Lux. Fiat Lux is, well, it’s very different. In the good way. The boutiques main goal is to promote the certain type of indie scene and DIY aesthetic San Francisco is known to have while promoting the cities best designers. Take a look at the details of this fantastic boutique after the break.

The space’s size and interior definitely reflect that DIY aesthetic. Sometimes, when a space is too small (or large) it detracts from the appeal and makes you feel closed-in. Fiat Lux is small, like REALLY small. But it’s the kind of small which creates an intimate atmosphere and makes you feel comfortable while you’re shopping and browsing around

“We want to sell local but with prices that don’t kill people”

And, they don’t. San Francisco’s fashion scene and the cities fashion industry as a whole doesn’t get enough attention, I think we can all agree on this. But with a little luck and some help from SF Fashion week and boutiques like Fiat Lux, San Francisco can definitely make up some ground.

FL carries a range of local and California designers. Some I knew, some I didn’t but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that EVERYTHING that I saw in this boutique was incredibly unique and well-made. As I was telling Alexei, today, even things that are considered “high-end”, brands like Calvin Klein, ALDO, and Coach just to name a few, frequently have design problems and shoddy construction.. I know from personal experience lol. But a part of Fiat Lux’s goal is not only to highlight hand-made and unique designs but also provide products that have a solid design and construction. Now, don’t think you’re going to go in here and spend $400 on a sweater because it won’t happen. I was literally shocked at some of the prices. FL is definitely successful at bringing designer clothes at affordable prices. Here are some items from the FL inventory:

^One of a kind pieces by Autie Carlisle

^Selections from the Venus Superstar jewelry collection $69-109

^Seamless hats by Jasmin Zorlu $300

^Project Transaction belts are screen-printed with things like the Periodic table and Edward Muybridge’s first photographic study

^Jewelry by Nein (except for the Fiat Lux shark teeth)

^Sterling silver pieces by Liquid Metal $69-99

^Kittinhawk Rings $70-90

^Kittinhawk Necklace: $120

^A selection of Josie Adele’s Fluidance Collection $54-149

^Hand-carved bone pieces by Sophia Loren designer, Lorenzo $60-299

^Charles Albert $$89-159

^Left-Screen-printed recycled cashmere sweaters by Stella Neptune (LOVE These!) Right-Beautiful men’s military-style coats by Menk

^Men’s t-shirts ~$30-40

“It’s nice to think that stuff can last a few seasons”

Not only does FL sell hand-crafted local, indie clothing and jewelry, but they’ve also positioned themselves as a high-end vintage consignment shop. All the vintagewear (new word?) is never-before-worn and very reasonably priced. Sunglasses, ties, cufflinks, rings, necklaces, sneakers, even armbands: the range of different types of vintage designer accessories is very impressive and will seriously make you melt.

^1983 Porsche Design Sunglasses & Swank Cufflinks

^Swank Cufflinks

^Hermes Tie, mother of pearl & 18k gold plated Swank Cufflinks, Terri Brogan Sunglasses, & 1973 sterling silver Harley Davidson Ring

^Hermes Ties & Louis Vuitton Chain Necklace

^1950’s pocket tape measurer.. seriously, my favorite item in the store!

^Dolce & Gabbana Jackets on left

^Louis Vuitton Sneakers, Sunglasses, Cufflinks from the 1880’s, and Armbands (on the far left)

^The Armbands!

^Bulova ring

^Vintage women’s sunglasses from Dior, Silhouette, & others

^Louis Vuitton sunglass w/ ruby in center

“We want people to wear this stuff and actually enjoy it”

Fiat Lux also has their own jewelry and upcoming clothing line featuring mostly unisex pieces. Who doesn’t love unisex? Of course all of the jewelry is designed hand made by Alexei and Marie. They collaborate on design and construction for the men’s and women’s lines but of course, Alexei is mostly responsible for the men’s and Marie for the women’s.

^Gold-filled shark tooth. Gold-filled jewelry has 20% more gold than gold-plated jewelry.

^Other selections from the Fiat Lux jewelry line

“I’m the type of straight guy that looks at girls not because they’re girls, but because of their jewelry… or something like that.”

Fiat Lux is Alexei’s first venture in fashion. He is a philosophy graduate student at Stanford University but, don’t hold that against him. The guy knows what he’s talking about. He started designing and construction jewelry about a year ago. His partner, Marie McCarthy, owned now closed Haight boutique Offbeat which had an eight year run. You can see more of her stuff here:

“We throw a great party”

Every Sunday at Fiat Lux will be part of Sundays at Church. Each month, FL will feature a designer and during that month, on Sundays, you will be able to get 10% your purchases from that designer. The last Sunday of the month, Fiat Lux will feature, in-store, a trunk show (and PARTY!!) from that designer; and of course the designer themselves will be there. Sounds fun, right?

So that’s Fiat Lux. They’ve only been open about 4 weeks and as you’ve seen, the place is seriously cool. They’re located at 218 Church St. (wicked close to MUNI underground) so stop by and check them out. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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