Fashion Feud Round 3 Recap

The Final Designs

So of course, just like the previous two rounds of Fashion Feud, the third round was great. I love competition so that coupled with fashion just can’t be a bad time. I actually had more fun this time than the last two for some reason. And of course, we all all know the gist of what Fashion Feud is:

Fashion Feud is a live fashion design competition. Designers are given a mystery bag of Mood Fabrics material, a live model, a hair and makeup team, and an hour to create a design. The finished designs are presented by the models to a live audience and then voted on by both the audience and our panel of local industry judges. The winner from each round advances to the Finals in each city to compete for the title of best designer in their city.

I think of all 6 of the designs so far, these two were the best. They creative, well-conceived and, of course, most importantly, dramatic. These two pieces made a statement, much more so than the previous four designs of the past two Fashion Feuds which tended more toward the bland side.

Lori Dawn on Arielle Williams   Lori Dawn with her final look

Lori Dawn created a skirt and top from the black and not-very-appealing orange & white fabrics. I very much liked the skirt even though the fabric wasn’t the greatest. The top was interesting. The asymmetrical collar thing was really appealing and tied around the back which extended past the skirt. The back had this weird patch of fabric though which I didn’t really get and didn’t think needed to be there. Other than that, it wasn’t bad and I really liked the idea of the design.

Sally Marie Hahn on Stephanie Williams   Sally Marie Hahn with her final look

Sally Marie Hahn went in a whole other direction with her look. The hood is obviously the most interesting element of the design and (I think) the reason she won. Oh, she was the winner by the way, I kind of left that piece of information out. But, the hood actually extends and wraps around the body and ties in the back. The only issue I have with the hood is that it’s too long/big in the back. Otherwise, the dress was simple but worked well with the hood. In the end, the judges, Zoe Brock and Lauren Crawford (and crowd) chose Sally’s design which I totally agree with. So Sally Marie Hahn will be moving on to the final round on April 12th which I’m definitely excited for!

The Judges

The Crowd


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